A Look Back at the Best FRIENDS Fashion Fits

With the revival of FRIENDS now being broadcasted across our screens, many of us are re-watching the old series to revive our memories of the hilarious show – but also of the incredible fits the cast wore on set. In a homage to their glamour, let us take a look at some of the fabulous outfits that are still deemed as trendy fashion and cool to this very day.

Cool in Cow-Print

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

Rachel here wears a chic outfit that would pass in the streets today as effortlessly fashionable. The beautiful monotone colours of the cow print coat with the long white maxi skirt and boots allows the pop of red accent accessories to take the center stage of this look.

Psychedelic Fantasy

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

This wonderful ensemble from Monica screams 70s style here. With an orange and red wrap dress paired perfectly with some knee high brown leather boots, it is the perfect outfit for a fall fit or day at the gallery.

60s Chic

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

Phoebe is giving barbie girl realism in this outfit, looking quite stunning in pink. 60s inspired, her flicked hairdo alongside dangle pink earrings is a beautiful silhouette against her square neck pink and white dress which accentuates her figure.

Beach Bum

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

A trend we see today is a 90s revival of slouchy oversized shirts and mom jeans. Monica displays this perfectly here giving us day-at-the-beach vibes. The blue hues of her clothes match perfectly with her white pumps and simple silver earrings. Just effortless!

THE slip dress

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

Don’t you just wish you had this in your wardrobe? Rachel rocks this simple yet glamourous monotonal cowl neck dress with some flip flops and messy updo. Paired with jewellery, this outfit is a perfect transitional look from day-time glamour to night-time drinks – if only we could be as chic!

Ready for a Wedding

(Image courtesy of MarieClaire)

Talk about a red dress to steal the show! The cowl neck dress Monica is adorning here just falls perfectly on her, fitting beautifully at her waist and matching with her long red beaded jewellery. The hair in a high updo shows off her clavicle giving her an air of grace and sophistication. And let us not forget Chandler in that brilliant suit! What a fashionable pair they make.

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