Deluxe Destinations for Post-Lockdown Days

When you are stranded in the house all day with nothing but your television and the leftovers in the fridge, our minds wander away with us dreaming of the day when we can enter the airport with our packed bags and holiday money ready to fly away to the destination of our dreams. Well, I can sense this whimsical thinking, and am here for you to display the top five destinations for your bucket list once the pandemic has cooled off.


Maldives, Image courtesy of Mercury Holidays
(Maldives, Image courtesy of Mercury Holidays)

If visiting a location which is the total opposite of your mundane dreary residence is what you so desire, then this beautiful collection of islands situated within the Indian Ocean is idyllic – with its billowing canopy of greenery inland and its pristine white beaches, it is a paradise on earth for those of us not lucky enough to be locals. These islands have crystal clear waters perfect for going snorkelling to witness the local sea life, or sailing through the various picturesque sceneries to appreciate Earth’s beauty.

From here on out its pure luxury, with private islands to rent out and explore, or chauffeured tours with champagne and the finest cuisines that match with the exotic location. The Maldives treasure their tourists, with each resort battling the other with their exclusive experiences, such as overwater villas, build in spas, waterslides which fly you right into the ocean or underwater domes where you can sleep to the view of fish swimming overhead.

Gili Lankanfushi, Image courtesy of Aspire Heavenly Holidays
(Gili Lankanfushi, Image courtesy of Aspire Heavenly Holidays)

The Gili Lankanfushi Resort in the Maldives is one of the most luxurious accommodations one could hope for when planning their dream getaway; its architecturally beautiful, stylish and sustainable, plus its room options leave you spoilt, with options of beach-pool villas, standalone villas (which are only accessible by boat), or your very own reserve with spa and gym. For 1 person at a 4 night stay, prices start at £7,021.


Mauritius, courtesy of The Commonwealth
(Mauritius, courtesy of The Commonwealth)

From one sunny destination to another, Mauritius offers sun, sea, and sand on the East African coast. With heated waters for paddling in on sizzling days to catch your tan, or cooling off under a parasol with a fruity iced cocktail, this Indian Ocean island is the perfect beach-bum holiday. This dazzling location also offers breath-taking and challenging trekking trails that snake through rainforests, mountains and waterfalls, which reward any traveller with a sense of achievement and awe.

One&Only Le Saint Géran, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel
(One&Only Le Saint Géran, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel)

For the most extravagant experience in Mauritius, the One&Only Le Saint Géran offers a glamourous stay situated in Belle Mare, which translates directly to ‘Beautiful Sea’. This wonderful hotel offers over a mile worth of white beaches and 60 acres of gardens, perfect for those who are explorers at heart. With colonial-style architecture in warm marbles and soft furnishings, Le Saint Géran presents multiple activities to keep their guests entertained such as 3 infinity pools, Henri Leconte Padel courts and multiple gym facilities. For one room, prices start at £511 per night.


Stockholm, image courtesy of The Telegraph
(Stockholm, image courtesy of The Telegraph)

If a city getaway is more your cup of tea, then Stockholm in Sweden is calling your name. Known more commonly as ‘Beauty on Water’ by its residents, this historic location is surrounded by beautiful Nordic scenery with rolling hills and misted forests, whilst also providing its tourist with a modern and dynamic metropolis that never fails to entertain and surprise. Everywhere you look in this city is ornate and pretty, with small cobbled streets leading to glamourous palaces and quaint spired houses. With an air of enchantment, prepare to be encapsulated by its abundant art galleries, museums, pop bars and charming coffee shops.

Ruin Retreat, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel
(Ruin Retreat, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel)

Just 25 minutes from central Stockholm, situated in Kummelnäs, sits a wonderful boutique lodging with the best views of Östermalm, away from the excitement of the city. With romantic views upon the terrace, stunning sunsets and wistful mornings, waking up in the Ruin Retreat would remain in your memories forever as one to never forget. A Personal concierge is provided throughout your stay, as well as free use of the sauna, outdoor heated pool and spa – you couldn’t hope for a more luxurious stay in a more idyllic location. Rooms in the Ruin Retreat start from £574 per night.


Bali, image courtesy of Time Out
(Bali, image courtesy of Time Out)

Perhaps being whisked away to a whole other life and culture is what you crave, to experience something real, spiritual, and completely new. Bali is well known for its tranquil landscapes and eye-opening natural wonders; abundant with its traditional temples and kind-hearted people to its active volcanos and rice paddies, this holiday is for those seeking out wellness and total healing. A province in Indonesia, this island provides all the bucket list experiences to tick off, such as hot springs in the day to pool clubs in the evening and then recovering in a freshly squeezed juice bar in the morning, you would leave this glorious country feeling like a greater person than you were before.

Soori Bali, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel
(Soori Bali, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel)

The Soori Bali, located in Kerambitan, is a sophisticated and eco-friendly beach retreat that collides beauty with contemporary living. Surrounded by quiet beaches and traditional villages, this little getaway really immerses you into the Bali culture and provides you with beauty wherever you look. With your own private pool, and spa sessions with acupuncture, meditation and massages, you will feel totally pampered from head to toe and fully rejuvenated from your stay. Prices start from £617 per night.


Dubai, image courtesy of National Geographic
(Dubai, image courtesy of National Geographic)

Looking for the most glitz and glamourous stay of your life? Dubai is the one to pick, with its impressive skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, state of the art luxury hotels for only the classiest of guest, and futuristic contemporary architecture. During the day you can expect waterparks and bustling markets, and of an evening the finest cuisines and world-class nightlife. If the city gets too excitable for you, then you can easily hop onto a camel and take a mesmerising stroll through the sand dunes around the city, or hop into an air balloon and view the cities magnificence from all new heights.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel
(Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, image courtesy of Telegraph Travel)

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is situated right on the coastline of this gorgeous location, offering 360 views of the impressive skyline and crystal blue seas. Known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, this accommodation won’t let you down with its duplex suites kitted out with Hermès toiletries and whirlpool tubs. The hotel comes fully equipped with its own hair salon, sauna, plunge infinity pools and restaurant which serves gold leaf and caviar daily – it’s fair to say you’ll have an unforgettable stay in an unforgettable location. Prices start at £805 per night.

By Victoria Fletcher

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