E-bikes: The future of travel

Following on from the 200% increase of cycling during lockdown, the government released their plan to revolutionise travel in England. An estimated £2 billion will be spent in creating a “new era for cycling” which makes now a great time to get ahead of the plan and reconsider your go-to mode of travel. Many European cities have demonstrated the success of ‘no car zones’ and with the UK expected to follow, here’s why you should embrace an electric bike.

1) Improves your health

  • Whether you take full use of the powered assistance or not, using an e-bike is a great form of anaerobic exercise that has been proven to radically transform your health. The NHS cites that regular cycling can help you maintain a healthy weight as well as reducing the risk of serious illnesses such as:

– Type 2 diabetes

– Stroke

– Heart disease

  • As well as physical benefits, cycling has been recognised as a technique to support your emotional wellbeing by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • With an impressive list of health benefits, why not use your commute to transform your wellbeing.

2) Helps the environment

It is no secret that cars are a major polluter of the environment and contribute significantly to climate change. Reports state that 22% of the UK’s total emissions of carbon dioxide is the result of road transport which not only damages the world around us but also contributes to poor air quality and noise pollution. E-bikes have an incredibly low carbon footprint and, with thanks to their small size, can reduce traffic congestion resulting in significantly reduced emissions. This is a great plus for those city commuters who have had their journeys doubled by the constant stop-and-starting of traffic.

3) Saves you money

  • You make think that the price of e-bikes is steep, however; it is significantly cheaper than the average price of a car and the long-term money saving benefits far out way the one-off investment.
  • As long as your e-bike’s motor conforms with the government’s policy of not exceeding 15.5mph then you don’t need to pay for any tax, insurance or licenses. The running of a car itself is very costly with increasing prices of petrol and diesel; not to mention the cost of MOTs or any unplanned repairs.
  • Running an e-bike is significantly cheaper in comparison and can actually save you money in the long-term (including doing away with those pesky parking fees!)

Switching from four wheels to two doesn’t mean the end of travelling in style with the variety of e-bikes available constantly increasing. Here are the top three e-bikes that we love most:

 MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 eBike – MATE, £3,799

Moncler, known for creating luxury clothing, teamed up with the UK’s leading e-bike manufactures, MATE.BIKE, for their first foray into transportation. Making its debut at Milan Fashion Week this year, the bike can be considered the most fashionable e-bike available. In keeping with Moncler’s alpine origins, the bike is capable of both on and off-road travel and the available colours (Peak White or Deep Black) represent snow-capped mountains and dark winter nights.

Complementing its style, the bike boasts a variety of the latest high-tech features. A 48V battery supports the 1000W motor which, when unlocked, is capable of hitting speeds as high as 32 mph. Whilst this isn’t allowed on UK roads, you can simply fold the bike in three easy steps and take it to an outdoor track. 

In a first for MATE, the bike is 4G connected allowing you to get the most out of your experience. A full colour LCD screen shows live battery usage and includes an integrated 5V charging port for your phone. Also included is remote-live tracking and an anti-theft system with SDM™ – Self Destruct Mode for full security.

 Kensington – Volt, £1,659

The step through bike frame has been around for decades due to its elegant design and comfortable ride. Thanks to Volt Bikes, you can now experience the joys of the universally loved bike with the efficiency of a 250W motor. Powered by a SpinTech™ lithium battery with Panasonic cells, the bike can travel beyond distances of 60 miles on just one charge. Mounted on the handlebars is an LCD screen which you can use to easily choose between 5 different levels of powered assistance. The system is said to be an ‘intuitive program’ which reacts to your cycling style to provide a ‘seamless cycling experience’. The bike is available in classic cream or light blue with a panier rack and bamboo-lined front basket contributing to the retro aesthetic. As the winners of Total Women’s Cycling’s best electric bike for two years in a row, it is clear that we aren’t the only ones who love it.

Cowboy 3 – Cowboy, £1,990

Designed specifically to achieve ultimate performance and comfort, the Cowboy 3 electric bike is as efficient as it is stylish. Included within the sleek aluminium frame (weighing just 16.9 kg) is a custom-designed 250W motor and a seamlessly integrated battery that allows you to ride for up-to 43.5 miles. The battery achieves 100% charge in just 3.5 hours and can be detached meaning you can easily charge it when you’re out and about. A carbon belt transmission allows for up to 30,000 kilometers of no maintenance and the tires are puncture-resistant.

Safety is of upmost importance and this is reflected in the bike’s features. An integrated front light comes on with just a tap and total stopping power is achieved by hydraulic disk brakes which activate a flashing back brake light. If you’re unfortunate enough to get into bother, Cowboy will automatically alert your emergency contact registered in the available app. The app also includes navigation, air quality, functional stats and GPS tracking as well as acting as your digital-key lock that  senses when you’re nearby and unlocks the bike when you simply move it.

By Holly Johnson

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