Luxury destinations to restore your body and mind after lockdown

Despite the undeniable stress caused by the events of 2020, the change of lifestyle has given many people the opportunity to stop, think and re-evaluate. With heightened awareness on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, here is a selection of luxury resorts to renew and restore your body and mind after lockdown.

Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

After months of remote living, many people are anxious at the prospect of returning to crowded places. Only accessible by seaplane, the exclusive Bawah Reserve in Indonesia allows guests to enjoy luxury travel again whilst maintaining social distancing. Set on the private island are 35 beautifully crafted villas, designed by renowned Singapore architect Sim Boon Yang, that combine “contemporary taste with indigenous craftmanship”. With fundamental principles of sustainability, the goal of the Bawah Reserve is to offer a luxury escape while preserving the natural paradise. Guests are able to live at one with the natural surroundings whether this be nestled amongst the forest in a wooden tree-top lodge or surrounded by panoramic sunsets in an overwater bungalow. Despite its remoteness, the resort is full of modern luxuries including the finest linens and personalised dining experiences. As the reserve only caters for a maximum of 70 people at a time, guests can indulge in a range of activities while feeling like they are on their own private island.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Combining luxury with eco-consciousness, there is no questioning as to why Condé Nast Traveller UK listed Song Saa as one of the best resorts in 2020. Inspired by the surrounding Cambodian coastline, the resort has been tastefully built using recycled and sustainable materials. The aim of the resort is to provide “ethical luxury, serenity and a deep connection with the environment”. All of the 24 villas available have been built with this ethos in mind and the boundary of indoor/outdoor living has been blurred. Open-plan spaces, expansive terraces and outdoor showers take full advantage of the picturesque surroundings. Without scrimping on luxury, each villa hosts an abundance of modern amenities including high-speed Wi-Fi, fully stocked mini-bars and state of the art indoor entertainment. Guests can choose to spend their time relaxing in their private pools, indulging in spa treatments or taking part in a wide array of activities from sea kayaking to Buddhist ceremonies. Separated from the mainland by a 45-minute speedboat journey, the Song Saa Private Island is the perfect opportunity for guests to distance themselves from everyday life.

Amanyara, Turks and Caicos Islands

Located on an 18,000-acre nature reserve in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the award-winning Amanyara resort is everything luxury remote living should be. The resort has all the makings of an idyllic paradise comprising of a rich tropical forest, an 800-metre white sand beach and the pristine reefs of the North West Point Marine Park. Guests can enjoy uninterrupted sea views when staying in the serene pavilions, positioned directly on the coastline, or revel in the spacious villas. Each villa is individually serviced by personal cooks and housekeepers, and offers extensive dining and living areas, as well as private black infinity pools. With up to six-bedroom villas available, Amanyara is the ideal place to spend quality time with the whole family. The range of experiences available can be tailored for all ages, whether that be scuba diving amongst the coral reefs, sailing or exploring indigenous landscapes. Older guests can also enjoy tailored detox and wellness programmes to fully rejuvenate their body and mind.

Six Senses, Fiji

If the troubles of the world have kept you awake at night, Six Senses Fiji is the perfect solution. Focusing on mindfulness, the Six Senses resort is committed to “resting the mind, rejuvenating the body and boosting the immune system.” Surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the resort – located on Malolo, the largest of the Mamanuca Islands – is a serene paradise. Guests can choose to stay in a range of villas inspired by traditional Fijian design that include private pools, outdoor baths and spectacular views. Valuing the importance of a good night’s rest, Six Senses has collaborated with world renowned sleep experts to create a unique sleep programme. On their first night, guests can have their circadian rhythm tracked and analysed. The results are then used to create a tailored programme of yoga, meditation and wellness therapies and treatments designed to maximise the individual’s quality of sleep. Guests can use their new found energy to enjoy a range of 21 experiences including sky gliding, coral reef diving and immersing themselves in the local Fijian culture.  

By Holly Johnson

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