Luxury vs. Affordable: Jewellery Trends of Spring 2021

As we move further into 2021, jewellery trends continue to evolve and take us to new corners we never thought of before. In this post I will be displaying the trends of spring 2021 in all their glory and charm as well as presenting options from both an affordable brand/independent designer and a luxury brand, providing options for your fashion desires.

The Age of Pearl

With fashion going through a stage of implementing transitional tones into many of its looks, such as creams, tans, olives and black, pearls are the perfect complimentary gem to decorate these outfits with its soft pale orient exterior, giving a wave of elegance and glamour.

(Organic Pearl Bead Necklace, & Other Stories, £27)

In conjunction with artificial pearls on the rise the past couple of years, there are a variety of shops where you can grab yourself one of these classy pieces, such as & Other Stories with this beautiful chunky necklace that acts as a showstopper to any cool toned minimalist outfit. However, if it’s the real deal you’re after, The Pearl Company offer these dazzling hooped earrings which are bound to stop anybody in their tracks – its white gold exterior can be easily matched with any ensemble and carried through from day to night as a pairing with evening attire to show off to your friends.

(9ct White Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings, The Pearl Company, £399)

Statement Pieces

To praise passing through the gut wrenching 2020 blues, there is no better time to be bold and beautiful, and what a way of achieving this then by adorning some outstanding statement jewellery. These magnificent pieces keep any outfit unique and mesmerising, especially when incorporating a vibrant colour combination – perfect for the doorway to spring with the blossoming flowers and reviving billowing leaves.

(Mixed Chain & Bead Green Collar Necklace, Oliver Bonas, £29.50)

This Oliver Bonas necklace with abstract beads in a gorgeous mint and forest green colour acts as a perfect example of the unison between gold and bold. Its chunky chain and soft tones represent the coming of spring and adds a joyful addition to your look. However, if a twisted fairy-tale is the aesthetic you desire, Bee Goddess has created this gorgeous malachite egg necklace with a twisted gold and diamond snake around its surface, with piercing ruby eyes. Such a unique and enchanting necklace is bound to make people wonder about its origins and the model who wears it.

(Rose Gold, Diamond and Ruby Eve Cosmic Egg Necklace, Bee Goddess, £4,810)

Seaside Shells

As spring approaches around the corner, it’s natural for us to be drawn towards the warmer sea breeze and nostalgia of memories on the sand – and that is shown in the rise of sea flora and fauna in our jewellery and fashion. The satisfying geometry of shells and their gentle colours compliment most outfits, whether lounging or making appearances, and gift us with a relaxed beach-bum feel that comes with all the joyful and relaxed vibes.

(Isla Coral Drop Earrings 18Ct Gold Plate, Daisy, £69)

These Daisy drop earrings with beautiful, detailed corals act as the perfect jewellery for when you are around the house and want to feel slightly done up – with the casual details and dainty size, it’s a complimentary accessory regardless of relaxing on the sofa or popping to the grocery shop. On the other hand, if you’re after more of a statement piece, this glamourous singular earring from Nadia Shelbaya adorns an iridescent shell and freshwater pearl atop of a gold base. Its drop design and sleek appearance would give an essence of cool and collectedness; ideal for online events or show stopping photos.

(Ningyo pearl, shell & gold single earring, Nadia Shelbaya, £248)

The Chunky Chain

Across the social medias, influencers are proudly showing off their chunky chain necklaces and jewellery with glamour and style against oversized clothing and sleek makeup. These simplistic yet stunning pieces are easily thrown on to amp up a look and impress others with minimal effort or thought.

(Textured Oval Link T-Bar Necklace in Gold, Astrid & Miyu, £65)

The delicate and daring chain presented by Astrid & Miyu acts as the ideal everyday wear necklace, easily matchable to a knitted work dress or comfortable hooded sweatshirt. Its transitional look makes it a staple piece to own to layer up your outfit. However, Dior’s chunky choker with its iconic logo on the front is bound to delight anyone who lays their eyes upon it. Its thick gold chain makes it a main character in whatever look, with a daring appearance and edgy vibe.


Crushed Metal

Like the coin pendant trends of 2020, 2021 brings its sibling of crushed metal – reminiscent of the bumpy texture of the coin but with a minimalistic twist and grace that pairs easily with any style and colour of choice.

(Silver Crush Square Adjustable Ring, Ania Haie, £39)

A casual accessory that adds a little character to whatever the event, Ania Haie’s simple but elegant ring is fitting with this with its crumpled square feature which catches the light at any moment and adds a certain flare to your look. Tiffany and Co’s bangle on the other hand is large and in charge, far from subtle with its knocked in exterior that will catch the eyes of many. A statement piece with cool toned silver that will match with a similarly bold outfit – this bangle is not one to miss out on.

(Faceted Cuff, Tiffany & Co, £850)

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By Victoria Fletcher

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