Tilda Swinton: The Queen of Statement Jewellery

Tilda is one of those women who can pull off absolutely anything – but her ultimate statement is that of big, bold, and beautiful jewellery. Jewellery which speaks totally for itself. Tilda Swinton is known for her minimalist yet striking silhouette when she hits the red carpet. She has a tailored eccentricity which cannot be matched by most, pulled off with a nonchalance and coolness which makes her the modern day style icon of our century.

(Swinton wearing a Damiani diamond cuff bracelet, image courtesy of Vogue)

Jeremy O Harris interviewed Tilda last year about her style inspirations, and she enlightened us that style collaborators such as Haider Ackermann and Karl Lagerfeld were key to her looks. “I’m very grateful to have met a number of really inspired people who happen to work in fashion quite early on in my working life, and they became friends of mine, then collaborators,” she said. “And they’re as important to me as filmmakers I’ve worked with, or writers or artists.”

(Swinton wearing a pair of Fred Leighton 1940s sapphire and diamond flower cuff bracelets, image courtesy of Vogue)

She also has close ties with many well-renowned jewellers such as Delfina Delettrez. The two met on the set of I Am Love in 2009, and ever since Swinton has adorned Delettraz’s most surreal pieces on the red carpet. The jeweler has stated that ‘her beauty is a one of a kind’ and that she can ‘transform anything and bring it somewhere else’.

It must have been written in the stars for the actress and jeweler to meet, as way before I Am Love Tilda was wearing the Italian’s jewels. Her partner Sandro Kopp gave her a ring made of two hands – one in black diamonds and the other in white diamonds, which when parted reveal a secret message. A favourite of the Jewelers however, which she gave to Swinton, is that of the Tommorow Cuff which adorns a large morganite stone and plentiful diamonds.

(Swinton wearing a Repossi diamond ear cuff, image courtesy of Vogue)

Other Tilda favourites include: Damiani, Repossi, and Chanel. Her stand-out red carpet looks prove however that carats and plentiful stones are not necessary when it comes to taking the limelight – her singular Chanel tweed earring she wore with grace at the Venice Film Festival which stole the popularity of the press. Jeweller Marco Panconesi, who created the ear cuff Swinton wore in Marrakech 2019, stated: “Statement jewellery needs to have intuition and emotion behind it, to be a true statement – a life statement,”, “Tilda’s the master of emotion, especially as an actress: she dares.”

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