Celebrate the new year with these unique celebrity engagement rings

Now that we have waved goodbye to 2020, what better way is there to kickstart the year than with a proposal. There has been no better time to celebrate the new year and a great way of doing so is by getting creative with your engagement ring. Draw inspiration for your own creation from these unique celebrity engagement rings.

(Photo: Leigh-Anne Pinnock Instagram)

Emerald engagement rings aren’t particularly a new trend, but they have been mostly owned by Royals and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor. However, as coloured gemstones have increased in popularity, so has their accessibility. With thanks to jewellers like London DE, you create your own beautifully unique emerald engagement ring. In addition to their timeless beauty, an emerald’s enchanting colour will provide a rich vibrancy from the very start of your engagement. Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock showcased her own gorgeous cushion-cut emerald ring. Adding a touch of modern flair, the impressive stone is surrounded by a thin halo of white diamonds and sits upon a diamond encrusted split shank gold band, which exudes glamour.

(Photo: Ariana Grande Instagram)

When it comes to engagement rings, asymmetrical is not a word that you would typically expect to hear. In fact, during the cutting process, it is symmetry which ensures a diamond’s sparkle. However, in recent years we have seen a growing trend in asymmetrical engagement rings, and, in December, Ariana Grande showed us why. The singer was presented a beautifully unique diamond and pearl ring from her new fiancé which captured many people’s attention. Mounted onto a platinum band sits an offset, elongated Oval diamond which is complimented by a modest pearl. The timeless elegance of the gems themselves is delicately feminine but their unique placement provides an ultra-modern edge, ensuring that the ring will remain an alluring talking point for years to come.

(Photo: Lily Collins Instagram)

A bright sparkle might be at the top of the criteria for many people but, for those who favour a more subdued style with just a hint of glamour, Lily Collins showed us of the perfect choice. Her “custom, one-of-a-kind” ring, designed by Irene Neuwirth, features a rose-cut diamond set within a gold bezel band. Although once common in the Georgian and Victorian eras, the rose-cut is rarely seen in modern jewellery and is a refreshingly unique cut to choose. With a completely flat top and bottom, a rose-cut diamond reflects little light meaning the diamond’s notorious sparkle is replaced with a sleek and subtle glass-like appearance. This unique cut is also a great choice for those wanting value for money as fewer cuts means that, carat for carat, rose cut diamonds appear larger for less.

(Photo: Binky Felstead Instagram)

Alternatively, if sparkle is what you are going for, then what’s better than a diamond surrounded by more diamonds? Halo engagement rings have been a popular choice since the Art Deco and Victorian era, where a coloured gemstone would be surrounded by diamonds to imitate flowers. In the 2000s, halo engagement rings became much sleeker and would most commonly feature a princess or cushion cut diamond, encircled by smaller round cut diamonds. Though these sleek styles are beautiful, a halo provides a great opportunity to add a unique touch to your ring and there are so many things to choose. Straight edges, angled corners, graduating diamonds and a variety of cuts can all be incorporated to create your own design. Debuted on her Instagram, Binky Felstead showed us how unique a halo engagement ring can be. Inspired by the Art Deco style, two rows of graduating round cut diamonds create a unique octagonal halo around the centre stone and, as a result, the ring is undeniably one-of-a-kind.

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By Holly Johnson

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