Our guide to engagement rings

How does one choose an engagement ring?

If you are buying a ring for a potential partner, and planning to propose with it, there is such pressure to find “the ring”. Not a ring, but “the ring”. 

An engagement ring is supposed to symbolise how you feel about your partner, your relationship with them, all whilst being a piece of jewellery that they will covet and wear for the rest of their life. 

To help those of you who are currently in this search, here is our guide to finding the perfect engagement ring. 

The process of finding “the ring”

The perfect ring is a ring that your partner will enjoy wearing
The perfect ring is a ring that your partner will enjoy wearing

First of all, it is essential to take your time. Your choice of gemstone for example is very important. Your choice should be informed by the stone you desire, and the emotions you associate with that jewel. 

If your partner already wears a lot of jewellery, you can use things you see from their jewellery collection to inspire or narrow down your decisions when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring. 

But if your partner doesn’t have a distinct taste in jewellery, or have specific feelings towards gemstones; then it is easy to be overwhelmed by the endless options that are on the market.

Whilst it may be intimidating, doing your research is important. Take a note of things you like, and that your partner likes, when you look at rings in magazines, in person when you are seeing friends or family, or on social media. If you remember these reactions and things you have liked in the past, it can help you when it comes to deciding upon a ring to buy. 

Principles you should keep in mind when making the choice

Whilst there is no strict set of rules that you need to follow, because after all it is all about finding a ring that your partner will enjoy, here are some principles that are helpful to keep in mind whilst making your decisions. 


An engagement ring is a ring that your partner should want to wear forever. They should enjoy it now, but it should also grow with you. Longevity then is very important. This means that high quality craftsmanship and a design that matches the hand of your beloved is important. 

Make sure the ring has a band that compliments the stone

The band of the ring is like the frame for a lovely piece of art. It needs to complement the painting. Whether you want to be bold and do something different and unique, or try to be traditional; it is important that the ring’s design shows off the stones quality. 

Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight

When you are trying to determine the quality of any gemstone, there are 4 things you should keep in mind. The quality of a stone’s Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight.

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