Diamonds are a woman’s best friend

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend

In 1977 De Beers became famous with their advertising campaigns where they blasted the tagline, “A diamond is forever” against the visuals of a beautiful woman being passionately embraced by a man. They tapped into the two things that Diamonds are associated with, love and wealth. 

More than just signs of romance or financial status, they have also become tied with womanhood more directly.  Ever since Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, women have clamoured for stunning pieces of diamond jewellery to adorn themselves with.  

Girls now grow up dreaming about the first diamond piece of jewellery that they will own and treasure for the rest of their lives. Because of their classic status they will also last forever in a different sense, these first diamond pieces of jewellery are often passed down the generations as heirlooms, never going out of style. 

For this reason, we have put together a list of some alluring pieces of diamond jewellery that are in vogue now, but have a timeless quality to them. 

Marilyn Monroe

Taking inspiration from the Queen of Diamonds herself, we recommend these Diamond Point Drop Earrings that mimic Marilyn’s iconic jewellery in this photo. Perfect for a party paired with a formal outfit, or just to wear any time you want to feel glamorous; these earrings are made up of 18 carat gold links, with these wonderful diamonds at the centre of each of them. These earrings can make a brilliant addition to your jewellery collection. 

Diamond Point Drop Earrings
Diamond Point Drop Earrings

However, you don’t have to be striving for Marilyn Monroe-esque elegance to love wearing diamonds. There are plenty of modern pieces of jewellery that are chic, but can also be worn on a more everyday basis. 

Modern Diamond Jewellery

As you can see here in this picture, Diamonds are versatile. It’s easy to pair a couple of lovely diamond rings, with a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet and a statement necklace like they do here. 

To recreate a look like this for yourself, there is this Princess Cut Diamond Pave Ring, which sets a stunning collection of princess cut diamonds into a golden ring. The brilliant diamonds and their unique cut catch natural light brilliantly, but it is not too grand or unwieldy where you would feel uncomfortable wearing it regularly. 

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

However, if you are looking for a more showy diamond ring, there are plenty for you to choose from. This Radiant Cut Diamond Ring is the cream of the crop though, dazzling with its radiant centre stone and diamond encrusted halo. It is perfect for anyone who wants something to catch the eye.

Radiant cut Diamond Ring

Back to trying to create the chic modern look, a tennis bracelet is a timeless option that has never fallen out of favour but is also experiencing a newfound wave of popularity amongst younger people. As a piece that is stylish and graceful now, but will also act as a brilliant heirloom, this Square Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet is the piece for you. It also comes with a consultation where you can ask the jeweller about ways to give the tennis bracelet a piece of your own unique flare.

Bespoke Diamond tennis bracelet

Hopefully you will be inspired by this article to think about how some brilliant diamond pieces could spice up your jewellery collection, but if you are looking for some advice about wonderful everyday jewellery this piece might be more helpful.

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