Outfit inspiration from the streets during Fashion month

To those outside the inner circle of the fashion world; “fashion month” and especially “Paris fashion week” looks like a continual cycle of high heels clicking down a runway, black tie events where people end up drenched in champagne, and makeup artists flurrying around various models.  However, there is more to it than just that. It is a month-long collection of events that celebrates the fashion industry in all its glamour, and allows brands to assert themselves on the world stage. 

Gigi Hadid preparing for a show at Paris Fashion Week

It is the chance for designers from all corners of the globe to launch their latest collections in the big cities of New York, London, Milan and finally Paris.

Paris is the Mecca of high fashion. As the heart of the fashion establishment, the Paris fashion show prides itself on showcasing brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, whose collections have debuted there for decades. 

Paris Fashion Week, the Mecca of high fashion

Whilst the front rows of Paris Fashion Week have always been star-studded affairs, but in the past two years due to Covid it has been slightly more subdued. This season though, as Omicron has seemingly receded or become less intense; designers have largely chosen to show off their collections in person. 

Kim Kardashian debuting the latest Balenciaga collection at Paris Fashion Week

This means the return to glitzy after-parties and fashion events that the public can sift through afterwards and take inspiration from. But it’s not just the clothes on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week that excite those who are interested in fashion, it’s just as much the innovative street style that the stars show off outside the shows. The clothes that they wear off the exclusive stages are available now, so can have much more impact in an immediate term. 

Here are some of the best things we have seen on the streets in the last month at the world’s most celebrated fashion shows, and will be replicated on the high street in the coming months.

Big check dresses

Big checks are set to become a new trend

Checks have always had their fans, but these closely tailored dresses centred around large rustic checks will have a much wider appeal and you will soon see many dresses in this style.

Bright bags

Bright bag’s really liven up an outfit

A bright bag is hardly a new invention, but the way they have been styled this week is too good for us not to highlight them. These little gems provide a great dose of colour to any look, especially in contrast to a neutral outfit like the one in the picture above.

Prada Puffa coats

Prada Puffa Coat

Big puffa coats never go out of style, especially during the colder months; but Prada’s branded Puffa here will definitely excite those who look for labels and are constantly searching for products rather that lean into the “hype” that surrounds a brand. 

Bold trench coats

Alluring trench coats

Trench coats never go out of style, but this wave of brightly coloured and bold shaped trench coats are a long distance from the classic Burberry trench coat that people traditionally think of. We look forward to seeing them outside the chic streets of Paris.

Unconventional belts

Bold belts are in!

Belts are always an interesting accessory, and they have often caught the eye. The most famous example of this is the iconic Gucci belt. This week though, we have seen some interesting and unconventional belts that demand your attention, such as this double stranded belt with a unique fastening.

Hopefully you have found this discussion about the outfits we’ve seen during fashion month. If you would like to learn more about high fashion; you can read about both Vivienne Westwood’s iconic art-inspired collection, and Hollywood’s obsession with the female breastplate, here. If you are less interested in the catwalks of Paris, and would rather learn about ways you can improve your everyday style, you can do that here too! We’ve created a guide to luxurious Maternity wear and asked what we can learn from French style icon Philippine Leroy–Beaulieu

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