Diamonds are Forever: A guide to the jewellery of a Bond girl throughout the ages

With the new Bond film’s recent release, and the striking jewellery it has on display, we’ve been prompted to revisit the Bond franchise and the most brilliant jewellery pieces that have featured in the films, and help you source jewellery fit for any wannabe Bond girl.

Diamonds are Forever

First off, we will start with the film that inspired the title of this piece Diamonds are Forever, and the stunning Tiffany Case, who was the first American Bond girl and had the role of a diamond smuggler within the film who Bond teams up with. Here she is pictured with a bewitching, jet black statement piece that most definitely draws the eye.

Tiffany Case wearing an alluring dress with a plunging neckline, and a piece of striking luxurious jewellery

If you want to replicate the effect that Tiffany has on James Bond, pair an outfit you feel most confident in with a luxurious item of jewellery that no one can ignore, such as this ‘Enchantress’ Emerald and Diamond Necklace.  But if emulating Tiffany Case’s look with the plunging neckline and ominous dark piece of jewellery that demands everyone’s attention isn’t for you, there’s no reason to be deprived of the confidence that can be provided by a piece of jewellery with a darker stone. A more low key approach to the Tiffany Case look would be to wear this Pear Colombian Emerald and Flanked Diamond Ring, that centres around an eye-catching, rich green gem stone.  

A gold necklace, embellished with diamonds and with an impressive emerald mounted at its centre.
A pear emerald mounted on top of a diamond ring.

Man with the Golden Gun

Another classic Bond film is the Man with the golden gun, which centres around a gold obsessed nemesis who is adorned with aureate paraphernalia at all times. Andrea Anders is the bond girl on this occasion, trying to escape the grips of Scaramanga, and enjoying Bond’s attention as well.

A trillion cut emerald and diamond neck

She draws his eye wearing a 60 carat carved jade and diamond pendant surrounded by a gold setting, with an open white shirt whilst at the cards table in Hong Kong cards establishment, a piece that has retained its luxurious status throughout time. To replicate the allure of this interesting and opulent piece emerald, this bespoke Trillion Cut Emerald and Diamond Necklace would do the trick. 

Or if you wanted to recreate another one of Andrea Ander’s jewellery choices, this Diamond Centre Stone Cluster Ring will attract attention in the same way as her stunning gold and diamond cluster earrings.

A brilliant golden ring, covered in a collection of stunning diamonds.

Tomorrow Never Dies

In Tomorrow Never Dies one of Bond’s former flames, Paris Carver (who became the wife of a Murdoch-esque media mogul who is sadistically obsessed with the idea of starting WW3), flashes an 10 carat blue sapphire ring as a sign of moving on and landing a powerful partner who can provide for her.

Paris Carver cosying up to James Bond, flashing an opulent 10 carat blue sapphire ring

To match Paris’ ostentatious blue sapphire, one could happily display this 18K White Gold Ring, encrusted in diamonds and housing an oval sapphire, or the Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

An 18 carat white gold ring, encrusted in diamonds and housing an oval sapphire.
A Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo ring.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

A Bond girl who gets less recognition, but with equally impeccable jewellery taste is Nicole Hunter. She is less well known due to her appearance in James Bond 007: Blood Stone, a video game which came out between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. Portrayed by famous singer Joss Stone, Nicole Hunter is a luxury jewellery designer who is Bond’s MI6 contact in Monaco. For this reason, it’s no surprise that she is adorned by an impressive set of cut diamond studs.

Joss Stone wearing a black diamond incrusted dress and diamond cluster earrings.
Nicole Hunter

To pull off the look of a luxury jewellery designer, there are these Nicole Hunter-esque Pear Cut Diamond Halo Stud Earrings, which are lavish without being too distracting. But if you prefer to wear your diamonds in the form of a ring, there is this Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring that wouldn’t look out of place within a jewellery experts’ collection.

 Pear Cut Diamond Halo Stud Earrings.
Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Casino Royale

Moving to one of the more memorable modern Bond girls, a capable and witty woman who is very much Bond’s equal who welcomed in the Daniel Craig era, Vesper in Casino Royale turned many heads with her enchanting Algerian Love Knot that was created especially for the film.

Vesper wearing a strappy black dress and the Algerian Love knot
The enchanting Algerian Love Knot, created with Gold and Silver

To achieve the effect of Vesper Lynd’s breath-taking look, one could wear a piece such as this Emerald and Diamond infinity set, that is fit for both a royal and a prospective Bond girl.

Emeralds are known to signify eternal love and persistent loyalty, and that is exactly the way that James feels about his relationship with Vesper.

These themes are picked up upon in the new James Bond adventure, No Time To Die, which also showcases some magnificent items of jewellery. Watching the blockbuster film would be a perfect occasion to wear some Bond Girl inspired pieces, which will remain timeless, because as Shirley Bassey sings so well, diamonds are forever!

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