How to travel the world like James Bond

The James Bond franchise has long been known for its stunning locations, and the new film, No Time To Die, is no different.

The James Bond franchise has long been known for its stunning locations, and the new film, No Time To Die, is no different.

James Bond in action pursuing SPECTRE henchmen on a motorbike

In the trailer alone, 3 luxurious locations are showcased and in this post we will explore the world and experience those remarkable areas of interest without the stress of saving the world on your back.

Daniel Craig’s final performance in the role of Bond opens with him and his lover driving through the visually striking town of Matera, located in Southern Italy.

Matera is situated in an area famed for its historical status, with the modern housing built on top of a set of ancient cave systems that people continued to live in until 1952; which has subsequently led it to be named the European Capital Of Culture in 2019 and has the permanent status of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

An impressive view of Matera, looking over the levels of the city from a bird's eye view, surrounded by a lovely crispy blue sky
Matera lit up by street lights as night draws in

When visiting this gem in Southern Italy, one could take advantage of the large variety of cultural and historical attractions Matera has to offer, such as the prehistoric cave system or the impressive Cathedral at the centre of town. If dramatic views are more appealing to you, the roads on the way in to Matera make for incredibly cinematic surroundings.

Stunning views from the San Giuliano Regional Reserve
San Giuliano Regional Reserve

Furthermore, the San Giuliano Regional Reserve is located nearby and offers a perfect place to destress from the troubles of life, or simply to enjoy the stunning views.

When staying in Matera, one could visit either a selection of luxurious hotels, or find a more homely self catered home on AirBNB. If you prefer the all inclusive hotel experience, and enjoy the sound of a spa located in the original building’s underground tunnels, then Locanda Di San Martino Hotel & Thermae Romanae is for you.

An underground spa, surrounded by Matera's historical tunnelled walls.

But if exploring an underground complex of cisterns most likely connected to one another during the Second World War is more your cup of tea, then Corte San Pietro is the perfect place to stay.

Whilst in Matera, one could further soak in the history and culture of the town through reading a recently released thriller Murder in Matera which explores the life of a Jersey City journalist’s great-great grandmother and pieces together her life story in the ancient town.

A serene tropical landscape to relax in

If the Mediterranean isn’t exotic enough for you, and you want something more Tropical, No Time To Die won’t disappoint as inspiration. Jamaica is in many ways the spiritual home of Bond, being the place where Ian Fleming wrote the world famous books that spawned the multi-million dollar film franchise. During the newest film, Bond takes time to relax in a serene shack on the shores of Port Antonio in Jamaica. 

Port Antonio was one of the centres of the banana trade, and the extensive commerce led to the creation of opulent manor houses, including the famous Folly. Built out of concrete in 1903, the building was abandoned less than 40 years later by Olivia Tiffany Mitchell, leaving Jamaica and abandoning the mansion as a form of tax repayment. The house soon fell into disrepair, and now is an interesting mix of nature spot and ruins of a grand palatial home that tourists can visit on foot.

To achieve the full James Bond experience in Jamaica, we would suggest staying at the Fleming Villa itself. Here you can soak in the sun at the resort’s private beach or explore the island’s luscious nature in it’s tropical gardens.

The view from the sun loungers at Ian Fleming's grand Jamaican estate

But if you would prefer something more modern, there is Geejam; a hotel carved into the tropical rainforest which offers a secluded piece of paradise, complete with a recording studio to show off your musical skills or an infinity pool if you prefer silent relaxation.

Finally, if warm climates aren’t for you and you prefer the sound of a crisp Scandinavian winter holiday, No Time To Die has the location for you. Part of the film centres around Madeleine Swann and her past, visiting her childhood home in Norway.

Elegant Madeleine Swann in a silver blue dress

This section of the movie was filmed in the snowy hills and on the frozen Langvann Lake above the municipality of Nittedal. 

The snowy mountains above Nittedal
Langvann Lake

For a place to stay, we recommend this light airy apartment in the countryside just outside the city. With its position it is ideal for mountain walking, cycling and cross country skiing; or if you’d prefer a holiday at a slower pace it is also well placed for Nordic fishing, or a leisurely visit to Galleri Würth which houses an extensive and vibrant collection of modern and classical art.

A piece of art depicting a forlorn woman in a green dress

Nittedal is also very close to Oslo, a city famed for its architecture, collection of cultural attractions such as museums and galleries, and it’s amazing seafood. It’s easy to take the short journey from the serene Norwegian countryside to the bustling capital and take everything in on a day visit or two.

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