The Gen-Z 90s Revival Lookbook

For the past couple of years, fashion has seen a revival in 90s style from its Gen Z fans, altering the current trends to work alongside the nostalgic looks from the past. From baggy dungarees to dad-fit sweaters, walking in the street nowadays feels like walking around in a time warp – but it really works, and the 90s is making a comeback. I am going to be displaying some of the latest 90s fashion trends on the streets today to inspire you to also take it retro.

Bucket Hat

(Bucket hat styled, image courtesy of CR Fashion Book)

Both practical and fashionable – the bucket hat is back and shown off all over the place, most popularly at festivals to shield people from the blaring sunshine and flying beer. This trend tends to divide many people, having an either ‘love it or hate it’ stance, not too dissimilar to that of marmite. However, regardless of its controversial position, it’s perfect for this coming summer to protect yourself from some sun rays whilst also adding an extra accessory to your outfit.


(Kendall Jenner modelling the cropped cardi, image courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK)

Slouchy yet chic, the cropped cardigan is the perfect throw on item for minimal effort but maximum outcome in your day-to-day wear. This layering piece is great in the winter when you need a little extra warmth, but currently its updated trend is wearing it as a standalone piece for a simple yet effective look.

Sheer Dress

(One Above Another dress, image courtesy of ASOS)

We’ve seen the slip dress and cowl dress come back into action, but now it’s time for the sheer dress to make an appearance. Simple yet stunning, these see-through numbers are great to add a little cheekiness in your life, paired up perfectly with some high waisted yoga shorts and a pretty bralette – a definite must-have for this summer.

Claw Clips

Claw clip in hair
(Claw clip in hair, image courtesy of Glamour UK)

I have always adored this glamourous yet effortless look of pinning your hair back with a big chunky claw clip. Very affordable and a wonderful accessory, this trend is great for those of you who love the slouchy chic vibe. Very reminiscent of Rachel from Friends, it’s no surprise this look has been reawakened.

Cargo Trousers

Bella Hadid rocking the cargo trouser
(Bella Hadid rocking the cargo trouser, image courtesy of Glamour UK)

A few years back, military fashion was a big thing with artists such as Cheryl Cole displaying it in multiple music videos. Now it seems the cargo trouser has stuck, probably because of its bold silhouette and major utility advantages from its many, many pockets. Another brilliant throw on piece which is comfortable and practical, ideal for a lockdown outfit.

Baggy jeans

Gigi Hadid wearing baggy mom jeans
(Gigi Hadid wearing baggy mom jeans, image courtesy of Glamour UK)

These jeans are a big favourite of mine – with their cinching waist and flowing bottoms, you cant go wrong with this flattering silhouette. They are becoming the new favourite to replace the skinny jean trend, mainly because of how comfortable they are and compatible with most top styles. These jeans give the impression you’ve made a real effort whilst also giving a striking effect to any onlooker – a real win this season.

Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirt and oversized jumper

These preppy-style skirts were made popular by the iconic Clueless film and are now making a reappearance with a twist. As opposed to the once popular matching plaid skirt and blazer, the most recent look is to pair it with an oversized jumper, chunky shoes and bold jewellery. It’s a beautiful combination that just works.

By Victoria Fletcher

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