Designers Profile: Paolo Sebastian

When I think of enchanting and mesmerising dresses that whisk me away to another world, I think of Paolo Sebastian and his glorious designs. At just 29, Paolo has made his place in the luxury fashion industry with his flowing bejewelled dresses that are reminiscent of the fantastical and fairy realm. His clothes set off a reverie that encapsulates and enthrals any onlooker, and bares a royal style that resonates beauty and elegance. In this profile I will be displaying a variety of dresses from his past collections that are worthy of your future special event, where you can display one of his designs with pride and dazzle all the other guest with his unique aesthetic.

This Embroidered Ballerina Gown With Velvet Ribbon Banding is from Paolo’s Heirloom 2020-21 A/W Collection. The cinched in waist and wonderful tulle skirt that volumizes the bottom half provides a stunning silhouette, and holds a reminiscent baby doll design which delivers an innocent and youthful look to the model. A more conservative design with intricate detailing and precise tailoring.

This Draped Chiffon Gown With Heart Locket Detail has been taken from his The Passage of Spring 2020 S/S Collection. With its impressive train that moves and glides effortlessly behind the model and draped fabric which contours the body perfectly, its no surprise this profile is so stunning. Its design is regal and whimsical, with a style that looks like its been picked straight out of Game of Thrones – this dress is sure to crown you the star of the evening.

Paolo’s Illusion Degrade Gown With Floral And Butterfly Embroidery was also displayed in The Passage of Spring 2020 S/S Collection, and stands out with its intricate lace that covers the body with grace and beauty. With the embroidery webbing its way across the model’s chest, it almost looks as though the model and dress are one in the same. The draped skirt falls to the floor elegantly and forms a small train that marks your movement. Charming and imperial.

This Bishop Sleeved Beaded French Chantilly Lace Gown With Cashmere Corset is displayed in Paolo’s East of the Sun and West of the Moon 2019 A/W Collection. A gothic lace design that accentuates the waist and falls perfectly over your hips, this design doesn’t leave much to the imagination and holds an ultra-feminine feel to its overall look. Its puffed sleeves are graceful and delicately designed to add movement to your silhouette.

The Sleeved Tulle Gown With Illusion Lining, Beaded Embroidery and Cape from the same East of the Sun and West of the Moon 2019 A/W Collection provides a regal and fantastical appearance which would make any wearer feel like a fairy queen. Its embroidery is laid upon the whole dress with marvellous adornment, and the off-shoulder cape shows off the clavicle in a minimalist extravagance.

Finally, the Ruffle Ballgown with Corset Detailing is a gorgeous dress from The Nutcracker 2018-19 A/W Collection. Its feather-like ruffle skirt that expands around the model is reminiscent of Swan Lake, with an air of weightlessness and gliding across the floor effortlessly. The lace across the arms accentuates your skin tone and attracts attention to the feminine silhouette produced further by the waist-cinching corset.

By Victoria Fletcher

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