Meow! : Outfit inspiration from Zoe Kravitz

The daughter of music savant Lenny Kravitz and sitcom star Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz was destined for stardom. However her status is not the result of nepotism, she has achieved a prized position in Hollywood through her brilliant work and ignoring those who would try and tear her down. She brings that attitude to the way she dresses as well. She once said “Sexiness is not giving a fuck,” and this effortless sex appeal is evident in her outfits. Here we have pulled together a collection of her previous outfits that will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration if you are looking to regenerate your wardrobe as we enter Spring.

Dramatic coats

On the recent press tour for the blockbuster “The Batman”, where she plays the alluring Catwoman; she has largely been seen in sleek, monochromatic gowns; but with the terrible weather of Britain not exactly being friendly to short skirts or revealing dresses, she has also been seen wrapped up warm in dramatic black coats like this one. 

Avoiding the stormy weather conditions in the UK with a dramatic black trench coat
Avoiding the stormy weather conditions in the UK with a dramatic black trench coat

Draped in glossy black which could have been pulled out of the Matrix, she looks like a model off of a catwalk.

Daring evening wear

In a slightly warmer climate, Zoe wore something that was completely the opposite of a large black trench coat. Her MET gala outfit certainly could not be ignored, oozing sex appeal as the dress made of seemingly diamonds and thin air caught the eyes of hundreds of photographers, capturing her brilliant body from all angles. 

Zoe Kravitz in a spellbounding outfit at the MET Gala
Zoe Kravitz in a spellbinding outfit at the MET Gala

Now not everyone would feel comfortable going out in a bikini and nothing but gemstones, but the actual outfit itself is less important than the message. You should wear what you want, and feel able to wear something daring and eye-catching when you feel like it. You don’t need to cover yourself up or hide yourself away! 

Beautiful Technicolour

Another thing that Kravitz utilises well is colour. Knowing which colours suit you, which colours you enjoy wearing and best compliment your skin tone, are key bits of knowledge that can help inform what you chose to wear. 

Whilst she is often seen in monochromatic dresses or coats, Kravitz also knows how to wield colour like a weapon
Whilst she is often seen in monochromatic dresses or coats, Kravitz also knows how to wield colour like a weapon

In this exotically coloured mini dress, Zoe does just that.

Versatile wardrobe

Life is full of all sorts of occasions, each of which calls for a different style of clothing. Zoe Kravitz switches between these parts of life with ease, looking equally comfortable at a formal event in elegant, pure white, thigh-split dress and grand jewellery that costs the same as most peoples cars, or on a more relaxed day when she is able to take a more carefree attitude to casual dressing; wearing flip flops, loose skirt and a tank top without bra. Minimal effort, but easy and comfortable. 

Elegant, White thigh slip dress
Elegant, White thigh slip dress
Relaxed daytime look; with tank top, no bra and flip flops
Relaxed daytime look; with tank top, no bra and flip flops

Wearing formal wear to a snazzy event can give you a great confidence boost, and wearing loungewear whilst working from home is very comfortable; like Zoe Kravitz you should be prepared for both. 

The ultimate red carpet solution: the classic little black dress

For when she does take the red carpet by storm at her various premieres, Zoe has a go to look; a blockbuster black dress, each of which are uniquely brilliant, with hints of colour being added through her jewellery choices. 

Zoe modelling a daring low cut dress at Tiffany’s grand event
Kravitz wearing a sleek ankle grazing gown to the Golden Globes

Whether it’s a sleek low cut dress that contrasts her bright blond pixie cut hair at an event hosted by Tiffany, a flattering black dress at the Golden Globes, a sheer dress made of lace for the  2018 MET Gala or a sparkling diamond dress at the premiere for big little lies; Zoe always looks her best when she is dressed up in black. Having a go to colour that you can always trust is always useful. 

Kravitz wowing both the press and fans alike in her revealing black outfit at the 2018 MET Gala
Zoe shining in her black dress that are punctuated with diamonds

The press tour for The Batman has been no different, maintaining a stylish and graceful set of looks exclusively in black. It feels seamless with her on screen persona as Selina Kyle, who is constantly clad in tight ebony outfits and oozes glamour. 

For the New York premiere of the film, she combined her love of black and the essence of her performance as Catwoman, in Oscar de la Renta’s bespoke black dress that centres around the silhouette of two cats. 

Zoe Kravitz at the New York Premiere of The Batman

Zoe Kravitz’s whole red carpet approach is bold. She is not afraid to wear something risque, something that is slightly exposing. Now we might not all feel like wearing a huge thigh split dress or an outfit that reveals our cleavage; but there are ways in which you can push your boundaries and step out of your fashion comfort zone. 

Hopefully you have found this examination of Zoe Kravitz’s wonderful selection of outfits across the years interesting and helpful. If you want some more inspiration from Zoe and her recent film, you can read about jewellery inspired by “The Batman”; or if you would rather take your style tips from the streets of Paris rather than the red carpets of Hollywood, we also have a deep dive into outfits from Fashion month and particularly Paris Fashion Week. 

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