“Honey, I’ve been modelling for 30 years.”: Celebrating Cindy Crawford and her jewellery collection

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, supermodel and sex symbol of the 90’s, is known for her dazzling dresses and front cover photoshoots. Over her 30 year career, she has also shown great taste in jewellery, showing off some brilliant pieces. Here are some of our favourite pictures of the wonderful accessories, and some ways you can replicate her iconic jewellery looks yourself!

Brightly coloured jewellery pieces

Crawford wearing some colourful pieces of jewellery

Cindy may have risen to fame for her serious smouldering photoshoots that landed her on glossy magazine covers across the world, she also has a much more playful side. This can be seen through her colourful jewellery choices, like in the photo above.

Cushion Ruby Ring

You too can spice up your jewellery collection with some colourful pieces. This Ruby and Diamond Ring is a great accessory, fit for a movie star or model, and equally anyone who wants a brilliant piece of jewellery. 

Ceylon Sapphire Ring

If Sapphires are more your style than Rubies, this deep blue Ceylon Sapphire Ring is the cream of the crop. 

Enchanting necklaces

Cindy Crawford wearing a stunning gold and diamond necklace

Crawford came to fame in her youth, but remained radiant with her long elegant neck. She has often highlighted her brilliant neck with some eye catching necklaces, such as this thick gold and diamond necklace. 

Enchantress Necklace

If you want your own spellbinding necklace worthy of a Hollywood star; this ‘Enchantress’ Emerald and Diamond Necklace is perfect for you, and will definitely draw people’s eyes towards your neckline.

Overwhelming supply of diamonds

Cindy Crawford dripping in Diamonds

We have talked a lot here at Luxury Commentator about how Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and Cindy Crawford is no stranger to that idea. On many occasions you would see her draped in some jaw dropping diamond pieces, such as the one above. 

Diamond Drop Earrings

Not all of us live a life where we can get away with walking around with half a jewellery shop of diamonds on us, but you can get a taste of the wonder that comes with these beautiful stones with this pair of Diamond Point Drop Earrings.

Practical every-day studs

Cindy Crawford wearing demure diamond studs

Cindy could often be seen with extravagant jewellery or dripping with luxurious accessories, but she could also be seen out and about with a simple pair of practical studs.

Diamond studs

These small but distinct Diamond Stud Earrings are perfect to achieve Crawford’s pared down look above. 

Sparkling knuckle duster

Cindy Crawford and her eye-catching rock

In this picture on the red carpet, the star of the show is Cindy’s maroon red dress, but at the bottom of the shot you can see her sparkling diamond ring on her finger.

Diamond Double Halo Ring

If you want a similarly stunning “knuckle duster” like ring, this Diamond Double Halo Ring is a perfect option for you.

Dainty accessories

Cindy Crawford with her dainty necklace

Similar to her practical studs, Cindy Crawford could pull off a dainty necklace just as easily as she could a dramatic piece of jewellery. 

Rose Gold Necklace

This Rose Gold Necklace, which is also decorated with small diamonds, is a lovely necklace that doesn’t scream for attention. 

Trillion Cut Emerald and Diamond Necklace

If you want something that is still dainty, but can still act as a statement piece of jewellery, this  Trillion Cut Emerald and Diamond Necklace is the piece for you. 

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