Improve your life of luxury with a capsule wardrobe!

Maintaining an air of style and grace on a daily basis can be a difficult task. Putting together a unique and luxurious outfit together whilst dealing with the regular stresses of life is a pointless struggle. The key to living in splendid clothes all year round and looking chic at all times is creating a luxurious capsule wardrobe.  

The wonders of a capsule wardrobe

Now the capsule wardrobe is far from a new concept. It has been a buzzword within the fashion world for a long time. A capsule wardrobe as a concept was the idea of having your wardrobe made up of the minimum number of pieces that matched each other with great ease, could be worn for a variety of occasions, and that this functionality would help you save time when choosing what to wear. 

Retail therapy

It has also been seen as an alternative to the other type of capsule-wardrobe approach, where people are using shopping like a pill. Some people slipped into the habit of using clothes shopping and “retail therapy” as a way to make themselves happy. Whilst the odd shopping trip to brighten your mood is no crime; doing it every time you are struggling with work, have a bad body image day or are frustrated with family is not a good approach to building a collection of clothes you will regularly wear. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t just reduce your bad shopping habits, it can help you find your style. Rather than dressing for the person you have in your head or the lifestyle you would like to have, having a capsule wardrobe can help you dress for your actual life. 

But how do you actually create a capsule wardrobe? The aim of the process is to have a smaller closet, make more intentional purchases, spend less time shopping and see your clothes with more joy. This should help free yourself from the burden of choice that comes with clothes.

Versatile clothing

To start this journey, you should begin with a simple clear out of your current wardrobe. You don’t have to immediately get rid of pieces of clothing, but you should take items out of your wardrobe that you don’t wear or haven’t worn in a long time. Put them in a suitcase or some sort of storage that isn’t in your wardrobe, and then you can always collect them again if you regret removing them from your wardrobe. 

Once you have removed obvious pieces that you no longer want to wear, go on a shopping fast. Don’t buy any new clothes for a certain length of time, and live with your current wardrobe as it is for a month. That way you can see what it feels like to live without a revolving door of new clothes. 

After you have gone through the process of removing clothes and seeing how your wardrobe actually fits your life, you can begin to tailor your capsule wardrobe. You can add versatile pieces that fit your lifestyle. If you work from home most of the time, there is no point having lots of office wear. 

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