What you need to create a luxurious capsule wardrobe

Recently we have written about how creating a capsule wardrobe can help you live a life of style and grace whilst dealing with your daily schedule. We detailed the steps you need to go through to create the capsule wardrobe. However, some of you might just want a list of items that you should have to save you the effort of trying to craft your clothing collection from scratch. 

This guide to capsule wardrobe living should help speed up the process by providing you with some of the pieces that are our go to suggestions for a versatile clothing collection. 



A versatile pair of jeans is the building block of many people’s wardrobes, and for good reason. They can be matched with almost anything, and can be worn throughout the year.

Spring/Summer Blazer 

Off white blazer

Whilst a winter coat is very useful during the colder months, as Spring emerges and the weather starts to shift, a lightweight blazer fit for all occasions is definitely a good piece of clothing to invest in.

Black blazer

Baggy Shirts

Baggy white shirt

The humble shirt is a foundational piece of clothing that is useful all year round. In colder months they can be used as a first layer and dressed up with coats or cute jumpers, or they can be a chic centerpiece of a spring outfit when worn with stylish boots. 

This doesn’t just apply to traditional white shirts; bright shirts, such as this kelly green number, are incredibly popular this year.  

Kelly Green shirts make brilliant centrepieces

Trench Coat

Chic trench coat

Whilst on the odd occasion the sun is out and you can enjoy the warmth, most of the year in Britain you will need a versatile coat. An effortlessly stylish option is the trench coat, which will always be the height of fashion. 

Floral Tea Dresses

Blue floral dress

Whilst monochrome outfits and matching pastel loungewear sets are useful, there is a time where a fun floral dress is called for. Floral patterns are always part of spring, and it doesn’t get more classic than a floral dress. They can be exceptionally stylish and very flattering. 

Orange floral dress

Thin knits

Thin knit

Chunky knitwear is incredibly popular right now, and had a renaissance after Chris Evans caught people’s eyes in his off white knit in Knives Out. However, when the weather is variable, a thick knit sweater can be rather impractical. When temperatures start to rise, thin knitwear is a capsule wardrobe MVP. Can be stylish on its own, be worn over the top of a shirt, be worn instead of a shirt, or used as a layer during colder months. 

Good pair of boots


Trainers that you can wear whilst doing errands or exercising are obviously key, but once you’ve moved past that, a stylish and versatile pair of boots is the next thing you should look to purchase. Getting some shoes that can be dressed up or down, that are comfortable to walk in, and can last you a lifetime will help you resolve many of the dilemmas you face when it comes to choosing shoes. 

Tailored trousers

Tailored Trousers

It’s all well and good buying something stylish as part of a shopping trip, but nothing will beat a pair of well fitted and tailored trousers. They will help you remain comfortable in your efforts to look stylish.

Tote bags

Tote bags

Tote bags have long been enjoyed for their versatility, and they are now ubiquitous. If you walk to work, through the shops or down any high-street; you will see someone carrying a tote bag. They are incredibly useful as a way of carrying all sorts of items, and as regulation has been put in place to reduce the use of plastic bags, they have become ever more important. If they also have a funky design, they can make a statement as an accessory to your clothing!

This is far from a definitive list though! This is just a few recommendations we have for you. Building a capsule wardrobe over time through experience is a key part of the process.

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